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Futuristic Character

If you love video games you're in great company. The gaming industry is bigger than the movie and music industries combined.


With developers creating many genres to appeal to the billions of gamers around the world, you need a voice actor who can create believable characters in any immersive world from an adrenaline-rushing post-apocalyptic setting to a colourful, magical fantasy land for toddlers. 

Have a listen to some of my characters in my award-winning Gaming Demo to see whether they could be a good fit for your next project.

Civilian in Zombie AttackNeutral/Southern, Afraid, 30s
Mother EarthRP, Narrator, 40s
CreatureRP, Protective, Immortal
Commander in World WarAmerican, Decisive, 30s
Princess American, Annoyed, 20s
VilliainRP, Commanding yet Playful, 50s
Medieval Bar WenchCockney, Friendly but Fierce, 30s
One Voice awards winner badge


Martine Richards in Motion Capture suit

As graphics become more wonderfully realistic, and motion and performance capture grows in popularity, you also need an actor who can step into 'the volume' performing not solely their lines but feeling and portraying every sense of the imaginary environment for the cameras to create, and collaborate on, your animated character and its world. 

I've completed Level 3 of The Mocap Vaults' training syllabus in London, UK, and have trained with arm-Xtensions with Creature Bionics. 


Check out my Motion Capture showreel below and/or my screen Acting Showreel here.


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Martine Richards_Corporate Look
Modern Work Desk
E-learning Education Internet Technology
Open Textbook in Library

Martine Richards was able to deliver a great read for my animated short under a tight deadline. Her performance was emotional and right on character, helping me tell my story more effectively. The project wouldn’t have been the same without Martine.


Dominic Falisi, Animator


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